Evangel Assemblies of God
  • Evangel Assemblies of God
  • Pastor: Chukwuma Abagha
  • Email: eag.dublin@gmail.com
  • City: Glasnevin, Dublin 11
  • State: Co. Dublin
  • Hours: Sunday noon12


Evangel Assemblies of God Dublin was founded in 2012. It is an arm of Assemblies of God worldwide. As a Charismatic Pentecostal Assembly, we are committed to a holistic empowerment of our membership in order to build a church that is rapture ready for our Lord Jesus Christ. Our commitment is to raise, nurture, equip, and send out Christ-like ambassadors for aggressive soul winning missions.
We are committed to initiating family support programs and responding to the needs of the community.

Contact information

Unit 3, Tolka Valley Industrial Park,
Ballyboggan Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11
Email: info@eagcdublin.org

Tel:+353 018309199, 089955560, 0894773302

Web: http://www.eagcdublin.org/home.htm

About Glasnevin, Dublin 11

Dublin was established as a Viking settlement and a key maritime centre in the 9th century, although there is evidence of habitation from prehistoric times.

The 2011 census gives the population of the Greater Dublin Area as 1,801,040. This equates to 39.3% of Ireland’s population.

Dublin is a thriving cultural center and boasts a great literary legacy with many luminaries of Irish literature such as Joyce, Shaw, Yeats, Wilde, Kavanagh and Beckett, being associated with the city.

Dublin is where you'll find many of the nation's treasures, housed in the city's galleries and museums, and is where some of the most important events of Ireland were played out, most notably the Easter Uprising of 1916. Though the battle between the IRA and British Forces caused extensive damage to the O'Connell Street area of Dublin (the bullet holes can still be seen on the General Post Office), this was one of the formative events of the Irish Republic.